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Safety intelligent lamp guidance system for aircraft shutdow

Product Description:The road safety intelligent lamp system is a robust and intelligent road guide and lighting system. Installed in the airport parking space, to play guidance, warning, graphic, control, safety identification function. Strengthening the guidance guidance for airport downtime, reducing the visual blind area of pilots' downtime, effectively reducing traffic accidents and ensuring effective and fast traffic of aircraft, can replace traditional high-altitude lighting, energy saving and emission reduction, which is conducive to the safety management of airport aprons.

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Because of the increasing demand for air traffic and the extensive expansion of airports, it means that the parking lot and portal area are busy with quantitative change and the risk factor is increasing.
According to incomplete statistics, 80% of the airport accident occurred at the gate and parking area. According to the aeronautical Association, there are about 15 incidents of this kind of accident each year, most of which are preventable. This guidance system can effectively solve such problems.

Traditional downtime
Traditional downtime mainly relies on artificial and large instruments, in the first more than 10 meters before the stop line, or even dozens of meters away there is a signal, responsible for the pilots to send signals, at the stop line there is a guardian.        When the signal is transmitted from the Guardian to the signal officer to the pilot, the aircraft still slides forward, and the signal is delayed. If there is a plane to stop before the stop, and then start to glide, the engine thrust greater than resistance, aircraft acceleration movement, difficult to control. As a result, the aircraft may slip or not slide to the stop line, when more than a certain extent, the corridor can not dock and some dangerous accidents

Aircraft downtime guidance system
Compared with the traditional downtime, the aircraft downtime guidance system can effectively solve this series of problems. Through induction transmission, the LED runs the conducting instruction in a specified way.
Innovation induction power transmission (IPT) to provide intelligent LED lighting system.
Short turnaround time, reduce operating costs, reduce the risk of accidents, convenient and effective planning, higher operation rate, enhanced safety and efficiency, strengthen the network integration, reduce energy consumption.
According to the air traffic controllers, providing intelligent markers and push into the guide

Advantages of road safety intelligent lamp system
1, to solve the nocturnal pilots' fast recognition of the parking space.
2, can save the airport aircraft plane guide personnel;
3, improve the internal safety of the airport (a large reduction in the probability of collision between motor vehicles and aircraft

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