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Road Safety Intelligence Lamp System

Product Description:Road Safety Intelligence Lighting System is an intelligent road lighting and emergency lighting system which can effectively improve traffic flow improve driving guidance reduce accidents and provide safety. It is widely used in the field of transportation.

Product Model:Road Safety Intelligence Lamp System




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                       Road Safety Intelligence Lamp System

An intelligent pavement lighting and emergency lighting system is made with revolutionary inductive power transmission (IPT), equipped with highly intensive, intelligent LED identification lights. It is combined with a set of road indication standards such as control, guidance, illustration, warning, emergency and other effective identification functions. The identification system has high performance, high battery life, water proof seal that cannot be corroded, smart control and diagnosis. It can be applied widely to tunnel guidance, Luqiao guidance, toll station guidance, tidal traffic applications, sidewalks, roadblocks, replacement ceiling lamps and so on.


Smart control and diagnosis
The LED marking light is illuminated by the magnetic field produced by the cable (red, white, yellow, blue and green - five colors in total), which can be dimmed, flashed, sorted out and discolored.
It can be switched on and off, according to the rainy, foggy and snowy weather.
Each identification lamp can be independently diagnosed and tested, and the system evaluation report can be uploaded to the central control system.
Security system
The use of magnetic induction power provides no electric spark, no electric shock danger. Additionally, non electric experts can also be installed and maintained.
The wireless controller takes charge of the LED identification lamp and the inductive communication transmission. It requires no cable connection.
High performance level and high battery life
The LED marking lamp is made of special materials (UV stabilized polycarbonate). It is resistant to pressure and the flow of a direct current. The working temperature is -15 C to 100 C, and the compressive strength is up to 18000-20000kg.
The marking lamp is completely sealed without corrosion. The waterproof and dustproof grade is up to IP68 and IP69K. It can be used for 7-11 years continuously.
Energy saving features and protection of the environment
LED identification lamp energy consumption 1.5-3.5W, LED luminaire aperture angle is 30 degrees, visual distance is more than 800 meters; the design of the lamp is beautiful and practical.

Application domain diagram

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