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IC card Automatic cleaner

Product Description:IC card Automatic cleaner is widely used in highway subway city bus campus shopping malls reusable such as IC card department of the scenic spot.

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Brand: GZ Bolu


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IC card Automatic cleaner is widely used in highway, subway, city bus, campus, shopping malls, reusable, such as IC card department of the scenic spot.


Highway pass, due to the repeated use for a long time, the surface of the card to produce oil and dirty stains, greatly affect the image of highway operating company, serious when still can cause automatic card machine failure makes the card machine not work properly, affect the traffic. After IC card washing machine wash card, to card of heavy oil, dirty stain on a clean, greatly improving the work efficiency, promote the enterprise image.


The one-way ticket, because the subway traffic is very big, repeated use frequency is high, each card reuse at least 20 times or more a day, virtually IC card has become the medium of an infectious disease. And there is a lot of every day because too dirty to use card. These old card, dirty card by the IC card cleaner, cleaning and disinfection after new has become a new card "fragrance", never put off till tomorrow what you can to avoid the spread of disease, promote the enterprise operation ability and social sense of responsibility, greatly reduce the cost of the enterprise to purchase new card.

City bus IC card, IC card automatic cleaning machine, also apply to bus IC card, card, gourmet card, IC card, bank card, etc.

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