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Guangzhou Bolu electronic equipment co., LTD. is the 
supplier specialized in the production of security, guard against theft, fire protection products. It is also the domestic machinery and electronics, computer software design and system integration development of one of the well-known enterprises, has a strong technical research and development and production capacity.

Enterprises with the European security equipment leading enterprises "Hold" fixation group, the Swedish hanter group company through long-term technical cooperation, research and development, production, for the domestic many enterprises to provide the high quality security equipment, become the model of domestic security equipment standard.

Strong technical development capabilities and long-term technical cooperation with foreign enterprises to make our way in producing security equipment has accumulated rich experience, become a professional in the field of special product model, the industry leader. Worth customers trusted partners. Our customers all over the country each big provinces Banks and transportation hub, and in nanjing, Beijing, shenzhen and other places has a branch office.

In recent years, with the expansion of the company's business, in 2005 and incorporated subsidiary - Po road,
Guangzhou electronic equipment co., LTD., dedicated to a highway business expansion. In the company is committed to the highway charge capture puts in the process of system research, we developed and introduced suitable for expressway transmission system is required to run the company's cash, self-service deposit vaults. Especially our joint design with Sweden hanter company production of "cash transfer system" for the domestic highway, the cash flow of the larger companies such as supermarkets, hospitals have solved the problem of cash quickly and safety inventory.

The design and manufacture of this system achieve European quality standards, safety and reliability. Fill up our country highway toll station cash quickly and securely into the Treasury of blank. Self-service deposit vault now provincial highways in the country are widely used, the application of this equipment can greatly improve the working efficiency of the payment process, reduce the intermediate links, to ensure the safety of cash.

Company products include: automatic safekeeping system, computer control for 24 hours 24 hours night deposit vault; Multimedia data fire-proof safe, prefabricated vaults, single out cylindrical door, anchorman machine etc series products and so on. Company focus on product quality and safety performance, imported products through the European security standard CEN1043-1 test and certificate. Domestic products are through and quality inspection certificate issued by the country. Company in addition to pay attention to high quality products, but also pay attention to high quality after-sales service, and to perfect the products and services to unremitting effort.